Cat Food

Our Feline PORTA21 wetfood product line is a high-quality supplementary food. The different varieties with their carefully selected formulation exactly satisfy the needs and requirements of your cat. Top-grade ingredients support the cat’s immune system, including that of kittens and nursing cats. The high tolerability and digestibility are a big advantage, especially for sensitive pets.

PORTA21 nature SENSIBLE is our newest complete food in our product range. Just as our supplementary food, this cat food is characterized by its high-quality, natural ingredients.

The product line PORTA21 Holistic offers a balanced nutrition for cats in all ages. Essential fatty acids, high-quality proteins and valuable nutrients optimal for joint health sustainably promote health and well-being.

We feel responsible for the well-being of your pet. Originating from that responsibility, we do not participate in animal testing and prohibit the use of additives like artificial flavoring or colorings. We only use high-quality ingredients such as fine muscle meat, rice, oats and barley. A large number of products, designed to fit the requirements of your pet, and different product sizes guarantee a big diversity in our range of products.

Further information about our products and their ingredients can be found in our Shop.