Drinking fountains - the perfect refreshment for your four-legged friend

Benefits of a drinking fountain for dog and cat

Many pet owners are having trouble making the cat or the dog drink enough liquid. A drinking fountain can be a useful solution for that problem. Many cats and dogs prefer flowing water over their water bowl and rather explore vases, aquariums or bird baths. Because of the water movement in the fountain, the animal is animated to drink water in a playful way and even for older or ill animals a fountain can have a motivating effect. 


The drinking fountain

There are drinking fountains in divers variants and made of various materials, for example ceramic or stainless steel. Whereas the principle of a drinking fountain is always the same. It consists of a bowl filled with water. Through a hose and a connected pump the water gets transported in a higher placed bowl. The water flows over a ball or over a trickle down into the drinking bowl. Due to that a water cycle is formed. Fountains with integrated water filters can increase the water quality and improve the taste of water by removing bacteria, lime and metals from the water. The water fountain should be cleaned at least once a week and the water should be entirely switched out once a week as well. In general a change of water several times per week is recommended.


A drinking fountain - refreshing experience for cats and dogs

Generally speaking a cat should drink around 40 milliliter of liquid per kilogram body weight. This is especially important to prevent for example diseases of the urinary tract. As a rule of the thumb for dogs it is 40-50 milliliter per kilogram of their total body weight.

To accustom the animal to the fountain it is recommended to turn of the pump at the first use. Is the cat or dog used to the new vessel, the pump can be turned on again. Some drinking fountains can regulate the water flow. In case your pet is easily scared, you should set the fountain to the lowest level – that usually generates less noise.

Setting up a drinking fountain can not only benefit the four-legged friend – an increased humidity in the room is a welcome side effect since dry heating air strains the skin of human and animal.

In case these benefits have convinced you to make your pet even more happy and – more importantly – healthy, click here to find a choice of suitable drinking fountains for your cat or your dog.


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